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Use SMSZone to Send Bulk SMS, Receive Inbound SMS, Forward Emails to SMS or SMS to Emails.

SMSZone.in is one of the oldest SMS gateway to send bulk sms. It can be used for personal, professional, educational or business use. It provides various facilities to send and receive sms and also integrate with your website or application. Various services like SMS API Missed call Services, Short Code, Long Code, Toll free number, sms forwarding to email or email forwarding to sms are all available under single account.

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Important features

  • Send messages withing India and to over 202 countries.
  • Easy to use, Simple Intuitive Interface
  • Dedicated Online, Email and Chat Support.
  • Schedule SMS for later delivery.
  • Integrate SMS with your website or software/hardware.
  • Use Shortcode / Longcode to receive inbound sms.
  • Integrate SMS with your website or software/hardware.
  • Forward incoming SMS to your website, or forward SMS to your email.
  • Forwards Emails to SMS
  • Use Toll-free number or Integrate Guest SMS on your website.


SMS Shortcode

Receive SMS on short code and get it forwarded on your website, email or just store messages on cloud.

Bulk SMS

Send sms using Excel, CSV or by uploading numbers and message. There is a facility to merge excel fields and make SMS merge functionality similar to Mail merge.

API Integration

Integrate SMS to your website, software or hardware. The API is simple and is Free to use with all SMSZone accounts.

SMS Alert

Send business alerts like outstanding payments, ledger balance, and transactional messages. School related messages like Holiday alert, leave alert, attendance, alert, homework alert, PTA message and Exam Results.

Schedule SMS

Send messages for a later delivery. This can be used to deliver messages for Event or function. This can also be used for reminders.

SMS Greeting

Send greeting messages for various personal or business occasions alerts like Birthday, Marriage, and Anniversary Greetings, Sad demise or ill health related messages.

Missed Call Service

Use this service to receive missed call from your customers for registrations or gathering support.

Voice SMS

Broadcast your voice message for announcing events. Example political campaigns, elections.

SMS to Email & Email to SMS

This service allows SMS to be forwarded to Emails or Forward Emails to SMS. Very useful for IT providers where they received Email alerts which needs to reach to relevant person instantly. Example Hardware devices send email alerts on failure which can be forwarded to the support team.

Prices depends on sms destination country and volume. Please contact us for more details

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309 / D41, Sector 3, Charkop, Kandivali (W) Mumbai - 400067.
Tel. No:+91 9324610606
Tel. No:+91 9322533057
Email: info@vmszone.com

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309 / D41, Sector 3, Charkop, Kandivali (W) Mumbai - 400067.
Tel. No:+91 9324610606
Tel. No:+91 9322533057